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Windows installation setup package creator program generate fully effective self executable .exe setup file

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Setup package creator utility

DRPU Software offers one of the best and reliable Setup package creator utility that efficiently creates software setup installation package without any complexity. Simple yet powerful installation package solves the software installation problem and facilitates you with quicker application downloading.

Setup installation wizard places all programs and patch files into a single self extracting setup file. Generated setup file is machine readable executable that can be easily read on any computer system. Great setup installation utility facilitates user to save the created setup at user specified location and maintains your program originality while building software setup. Helps to easily distribute and deploy setup .exe file of any windows application over internet or other media.

Our professional software setup utility is of compact size, takes less memory space, takes less turnaround time to install, and easily distributes any Windows application program to the end users. The self-extracting installation wizard makes the small-size setup that eases application programmers, Coders, Testers or Developers etc to have an easy and safe deployment of their computer applications. Fully professional software does not change basic structure and originality of your source program files.

Simple setup maker software easily generates self-executable setup files of your application program developed in any programming language and provides advance option to customize software setup dialog box. Our setup install shield wizard is easy to use and price competitive than other complex and expensive software setup installers.

A comprehensive setup generator tool can be deployed instantly and is fully capable to add or import all your required files and folders. EXE distribution program incorporates setup uninstall feature to guide user to uninstall software application all its components easily. The best setup builder has an impressive graphical interface that does not require special training to generate your software setup.

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