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Accounting Solution

Financial Accounting (Standard Edition) software keeps track of all business accounting records or transactions and efficiently manages various financial reports including sales/purchase orders, income/expenses, invoice, ledger folios etc. Utility helps to calculate total business profit and estimates financial health of company. Software handles Customer, Vendor, Item, Store information accurately.

Financial Accounting (Enterprise Edition) software offers additional barcode support to let user distinguish each product features uniquely among product group. Useful business utility is fully capable to avoid manual data entry errors, as software automatically fetches product details by providing barcode value of specified product. Thus software results more accuracy while generating various accounting reports.

Purchase Order Management Solution

Easy-to-use Purchase Order Management Software offers centralized management of sales and purchase records of company or organization in very less time. Invoice control software utility is equipped with all advanced features which facilitate you to easily manage sales/purchase records, customer, vendor and item details for easy maintenance of database with minimized efforts, time and money spend in manual data entry.

Employee Planning and Staff Scheduling Solution

Get best answers to your Employee activities planning problems with the use of effective and cost-effective Employee Planner Software? Now all your business staff scheduling needs can be managed with easy to use Staff scheduler and planning software.

Employee Tour and Training Management Solution

Tour and Training Management Software organizes every aspect of employee Tour and Training status of multiple Companies. Software with advanced feature set offers complete solution for small to large corporation with simplified approach.

Database Conversion Solution

Solution accurately converts database records from one format to another database format in very less time and helps to manage your database records according to latest industry needs. Easily supports all major database datatypes, attributes, key constraints for easiest and accurate database conversion.

MSSQL to MySQL database converter has been designed to convert MSSQL database records to MySQL database format.

MySQL to MSSQL database converter easily and securely converts all MySQL database records into MSSQL database records maintaining database integrity.

MS Access to MySQL database converter is fully capable to convert database records created in MS Access into MySQL database records very easily.

Barcode Label Making Solution

Barcode Solution provides extensive support to create and print high resolution and versatile barcode labels. Barcoding software helps user to identify each product uniquely and lets you distinguish product features suitable for all types of organizations. Barcoding utility helps to generate highly interactive linear and 2D barcode labels that are easily readable through all major barcode scanners. User can efficiently print barcode labels through general and specially designed barcode printers.

  • Barcode Label Maker Software (Standard)
  • Barcode Label Maker Software (Professional)
  • Barcode Label Maker For Mac
  • Healthcare Industry Barcode Label Maker Software
  • Post Office and Bank Barcode Label Maker Software
  • Packaging Supply and Distribution Industry Barcodes
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Warehousing Barcode Generator
  • Inventory Control and Retail Business Barcode Label Maker Software
  • Publisher and Library Barcode Label Creator Software

Card Maker Software

Software design and generate different type of Card and Labels useful in various applications in simplified and easiest manner. Major card major software includes –

  • Card and Label Designing Software
  • Birthday Cards Designing Software
  • Greeting Card Maker Software
  • Business Card Maker Software
  • ID Card Design Software

USB Data Theft Protection Solution

Protection tool prevents data leakage by controlling USB device access on Windows network. Investigation utility keeps track of insertion and removal activities of USB storage devices even if the network cable on the client machine is unplugged or if the network connection is broken. Administrator can easily assign the USB device’s access or permission settings to all the clients in network.

Protection tool monitors the real time and offline activities of USB devices on windows network. Activity controlling software provides detailed information of USB hard device. Security program uses highest standards to control USB device access and maintains log file for all recorded information.

Setup Making Solution

Setup Solution is a windows installer program that allows user to generate effective setup of either Windows application or MS.Net framework files. Software maintains the originality of software application even after conversion into equivalent and similar exe installer format. Utility supports user to save generated executable file at chosen storage location.

Setup package creator utility converts your Windows application into single self extracting executable file (setup.exe) that lets you distribute and deploy your software application over internet or at end user machine.

MSI to EXE creator utility is capable to create installation packages from MSI setup files to EXE file format. Convertor software helps various professionals who need to convert MSI setup installation files into equivalent exe file format.

Password Recovery Solution

Software recovers and restores all lost or forgotten mail account passwords created and saved for numerous E-mail accounts, Newspaper, Online shopping, Magazine subscription, Database account etc. Utility is helpful at both Personal and Organizational level as software shows detailed information for all e-mail accounts and saves record setting in a text file for future use.

Outlook Express password recovery utility is fully capable to restore and reset lost or forgotten (machine saved) mail account passwords created on Microsoft MS Outlook and Outlook Express mail server.

Internet Explorer password recovery utility is a reliable solution that undeletes, unmasks your entire lost or forgotten internet explorer auto complete saved mail account and any Windows application saved passwords.

Bulk SMS Solution

Bulk SMS software for Pocket PC, PDA and smart phone is a simple yet powerful messaging utility that allows you to create and send group messages to list of selective contacts, phonebook or individuals nationally or globally without requiring internet connection.

PC to Mobile SMS utility allows you to create and send bulk SMS from Desktop PC, Laptop to other mobile phone via using any Windows OS based multimedia mobile phone connected to your computer system.

Bulk SMS utility (Multi-Device Edition) quickly sends group text messages from PC using GSM mobile phone. SMS gateway software allows you to attach numbers of GSM mobiles to your computer system for sending unlimited text messages across the world.

Bulk SMS utility - Multi USB Modem sends unlimited text SMS from computer using USB modem. Text message sending software provides facility to connect multiple numbers of USB modems with your PC to broadcast thousands of messages over worldwide location.

Bulk SMS utility for GSM Mobile Phones instantly sends bulk text SMS including business campaigns, greetings, invitation, product launching details and more across the world using GSM mobile phone connected with PC.

Bulk SMS utility for BlackBerry Mobile Phones sends unlimited text messages using blackberry mobile phone connected with PC. Mobile messaging program provides facility to import phone numbers from PC for sending bulk text SMS to your global customers.

Bulk SMS utility for Android Mobile Phone easily composes and sends thousands of personalize SMS like warm greetings, promotional campaigns, reminders and much more from PC across the world using android mobile phones.

Bulk SMS utility for Windows mobile phones successfully delivers unlimited text SMS over worldwide location from PC using Windows mobile phone. Test message sending software helps to send thousands of text messages simultaneously by Windows mobile phone.

Pocket PC to Mobile SMS utility promotes your business by sending mass sms to group of people instantly for promotion, alert, notices, job details etc from Windows OS based Pocket PC to other mobile phone.

PC & Pocket PC Mobile SMS bundle is a wonderful pricing policy that saves your money and time both. Money saver pack includes both ‘PC to Mobile SMS utility’ and ‘Pocket PC to Mobile SMS utility’ and offers you software bundle at very low cost.

Website Monitoring Solution

Website Monitoring Software - Best featured website monitoring software checks and monitors the status of your web site such as website uptime and down time status on HTTP, HTTPS, POP, SMTP and FTP profile type in real time.

Backlink Checker Software - Backlink Checker Software is useful to check backlinks to website and find out the web site back link status in real time. The use of software provides simple and professional methodology to check the back links status in real time.

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