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Q: What is Setup package creator utility?

A: Setup package creator utility has been designed to create the setup .exe file for windows application program.

Q: Why do we use Setup package creator utility?

A: Setup package creator utility creates compact setup (.exe file) of your windows application to distribute and deploy any Desktop application over internet, while dealing with business client or via other source.

Q: Where is Setup package creator software useful?

A: Setup package creator is useful especially for professionals including Programmers, Testers, Coders and Software Developers who frequently need to run and install software application at end user machine or deploy on internet.

Technical Queries

Q: Does your Setup package creator software provide facility to create uninstallation setup for any windows application?

A: Yes, our Setup package creator utility provides full facility to create Installation and uninstallation setup for any software application.

Q: How can I make my windows application scalable across internet using your Setup package creator utility software?

A: Our Setup package creator utility creates single self extracting exe file of your windows application. Generated exe file (named ‘setup.exe’) makes your Desktop application scalable and portable across internet or other computer system.

Q: Why to choose Setup package creator software?

A: Setup package creator utility comprises of following useful sections and lets user avail with a variety of optional features to be included with setup file while creating software setup-

  • Registry Section: Lets you define Sub key value, sub key name, root key value, name another details.
  • Dialog and setup wizard Section: Facilitates user to include Licence Agreement, Launch Desktop Shortcuts, creating Product Menu Group Folder etc facilities.
  • Uninstall Setup option: Provides you option to remove setup wizard when no longer needed.

Q: What is the difference between trial and full version of Setup package creator utility software?

A: Demo version allows you to understand software features and working with limited functionality. The only difference between trial and full software version is that in order to have access on full functional software application, you should buy cost effective setup builder software by delivering easy payment.

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