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Windows network monitoring USB drive access protection software server module working process

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USB Activity Monitoring-Server Module

USB Activity Monitoring Software provides Network administrators the ability to monitor the plug-in and plug-out activities of USB storage devices on the Client machines that allows restriction on data theft or data leakage problems before they occur. Easily configured USB monitoring software instantly notifies you about the USB drive usage on client so that you can change the drive’s access and permission settings for the client.

Removable media drive monitoring software provides highly interactive user interface and facilitates enabling or disabling USB drives access settings for the client. USB port security utility offers Readable/Writable or only readable permission settings for the client, records log activities including activity log details and monitoring log details, and also manages log size settings (i.e. minimum 100KB to maximum 99999KB) etc.

Our LAN based USB data theft protection tool can easily be deployed in minutes and offers:

Real Time Monitoring

USB activity monitoring software facilitates Real time monitoring i.e. tracking the insertion and removal status of USB storage devices on the client’s machine in real time. The software easily and accurately monitors client activities related to USB storage media in Windows network. USB activity monitoring utility displays the plugs-in and plug-out activities of USB device in Real Time Monitoring Screen instantly with sound notification option.

In Real Time Monitoring the user deals with following:

Device Tracking Process

USB Activity Monitoring for Windows Network starts functioning automatically when software runs and is responsible for tracking plug in and plugs out activities of USB storage devices in real time as shown in the screen below.

Device Tracking Proces

Real time monitoring software will capture and display all insertion and removal activities details of USB storage device on “Real time USB drive status over Network Machines” Panel as shown in the figure below.

Real time USB drive status over Network Machines

Real Time USB Drive Status over network machines will shows the following details on Administrator system:

  • Client machine name, IP address displayed on panel machine with Date and Time.
  • Identification of USB mass storage device inserted on client machine.
  • Name of the USB drive with its Size displayed on panel.
  • Insertion Time and Date, of USB digital media storage drive.
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