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General and technical queries about windows network USB data leakage detection and protection utility

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Q: Why the USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network is needed?

A: USB Data Theft protection Tool for Windows Network is used to monitor the USB mass storage devices plug-in or plug-out activities of multiple client machines configured on windows network.

Q: Which types of USB devices does USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network supports?

A: USB Data Theft Protection Tool For Windows Network supports all major brands of USB mass storage devices like Pen drive, Thumb drive, Flash Card, Memory card, MP3 Player, USB audio-video player, MP4 Media Players, Mobile Phone, USB camera etc.

Q: How the System Data Security Tool alerts during the unauthorized data access through USB device?

A: USB data protecting program beeps a sound alerts signal on server machine during the insertion and removal activities of USB mass storage media device.

Technical Queries

Q: What is the difference between Activity Log and Monitoring Log?

A: Activity Log stores the detailed information of all the changes made in access and permission settings by the Administrator on the server along with date and time. Monitoring Log stores the insertion and removal activities status of USB Storage Devices occurred on Client machine including USB device details with date and time both in online and offline modes.

Q: What is the difference between Online and Offline monitoring?

A: USB drive monitor package facilitates Online monitoring i.e. you can monitor the plug-in and plug-out activity of any USB mass storage device configured on windows LAN network. During Offline monitoring the USB data protection tool monitor activities of USB storage devices on client’s machine even if the network connection is broken or the network cable is unplugged.

Q: Does USB Activity Monitoring Software is compatible with windows operating system?

A: Yes, the USB activity monitoring software smoothly runs on all windows client and server operating systems.

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