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Quick Reference
  • Backup is used to keep the copy of original data from preventing data lost events.

  • Billing Address is a mailing address to which the customer’s billing statement is delivered.

  • Catalog Number is a number assigned to the finished goods that has a significant code that defines the products and its features.

  • Currency is a form of money used for exchange goods and services.

  • Customer/Client is a person who pays for goods or services.

  • Delivery Order is a document from a goods owner who orders the release of the transportation of goods to another party.

  • Deposit is the phenomenon in which money put into the bank account.

  • Discount is reduction in price of goods or services.

  • Invoice is a request for payment to a customer for products or services sold.

  • Item refers to a commodity or finished good for sales or purchase in any business. Item can be a product or service that a company buys from the Vendor or sells to the Customer.

  • Purchase is the acquisition of something for payment.

  • Purchase Order is a written authorization prepared by a buyer for a purchase of goods or services at specified price.

  • Purchase Tax is a local or region tax on products or services, based on a percentage of the purchase price.

  • Quote is a statement for sale order which is used for sales agreement between customer and company.

  • Receipt is a written acknowledgment that specified the payment has been made.

  • Restore is the process to bringing data back into its original form by using the backup file.

  • Sale is the state of being purchasable.

  • Sale Order is a sales agreement between a company and a customer.

  • Sale Tax is a local or region tax on products or services, based on a percentage of the sales price.

  • Shipping Address is a mailing address where the goods or services are delivered after purchasing.

  • Tax Rate The percentage of income paid as a tax.

  • Vendor is the person who has legal permission to sell an item.

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