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Database conversion utility for MySQL to MSSQL

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MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter

DRPU Software provides one of the fastest and most efficient MySQL to MSSQL database conversion utility which accurately converts MySQL database records into MSSQL database server in just few minutes. Simple and reliable database conversion software for MySQL to MSSQL database easily converts entire or selected existing database table records into desired database format without any additional data loss.

Powerful and cost effective MySQL to MSSQL database migration program easily migrate source database into destination database server without using any other external utility. Easy to use MySQL to MSSQL database converter application program supports all major database data types and attributes including indexes, primary key, null values and default value constraints, and maintains database integrity even after database conversion.

Before using MySQL to MSSQL database converter program, you should need to connect MySQL and MSSQL database server by using Windows authentication and selected server authentication. After connecting with database server, select MySQL database records to convert into MSSQL database server. Fast processing database convert software provides facility to select particular rows from the table which can be easily converted into Microsoft SQL database server.

After converting the records, you can save the converted database records at specified location for further use. User friendly database converter software also provides facility to overwrite the existing database records as per user’s need. Highly interactive MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Software facilitates with step by step technical user guide that will help you to understand full features and working of the software.

Software Features

MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Software consist the following features:

  • Easily Convert Entire or Selected Database Records
    Software facilitates to accurately convert entire or selected MySQL database records into MSSQL database server in an easiest way.

  • Support All Data Types and Attributes for Database Conversion
    Support all major data types and attributes including Primary Key, Indexes, Null Values and Default Value Constraints for better database conversion.

  • Maintain the Database Integrity
    Database conversion utility maintains the database integrity without any data loss.

  • Fast Processing Database Conversion and Performance
    Facilitate to convert the records from source to destination database server in much faster and accurate manner. It is developed to migrate the existing records into desired database server with less time and efforts.

  • Support all Major Version of Database Converter Server
    Software supports all major version of MySQL and MSSQL database server to convert the database records.

  • Highly Interactive Graphical User Interface
    Facilitate with highly interactive and graphical user interface. User friendly interface is the outcome of the combined efforts of our team in the field of software usability and all documentation is provided with converter software for the end user convenience.

  • Facilitate with Step by Step User Help Manual
    The database migration tool facilitates with step by step help manual for better understanding of software features and working.

  • Support All Major Windows Operating System
    Facilitate to run on Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Server 2003, NT, 98 etc.

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