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Business financial accounting manage software settings include create and modify existing user

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Create and Modify Users

This section will help you to create number of users for access company records. By using User Settings, you can provide permission or restriction to other users to access the records. When you create a new company, by default Administrator is created. Administrator has all rights/permission to access company records and decides authority to be given to other users like Power User and General User.

Note-> A Company can have only one Administrator.

To view User Settings, click on “Settings > User Settings”, the following options will be displayed:

In DRPU Financial Accounting, User can be categorized as:

Administrator is a user who creates Company and has all Rights and Permission to access company records.

Privileges of Administrator:

  • Create/Delete the company.

  • Create/Delete Power user and General user.

  • Assign/Change user rights and software module access permission to Power user and General user.

Power User is created by Administrator who can access company records.

Privileges and Limitations of Power User:

  • Privileges
    • Create/Delete one or more General users.
    • Assign/Restricts User Rights and Software Module Access Permission to general user.
  • Limitations
    • Cannot create/delete the other power user.
    • Cannot modify User Rights and Software Module Access Permission of power user.
    • Cannot delete the company.

General User is created by Administrator and Power User. This user can access only those rights and permissions which are assigned by Administrator and Power User.

User Rights:
User Rights are different from access permissions that can be assigned to user for performing following actions:

  • Save: Allow user to save records.
  • Modify: Allow user for modifying records.
  • Delete: Allow user for deleting records.
  • Print: Allow user to print records.
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