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Business financial accounting and inventory control software to manage business accounting records in efficient manner

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Software Features

Financial Accounting Software (Standard Edition) is useful to manage business accounting records in efficient manner. Financial management software comprises with following key features including:

  • Highly Interactive and Easy to Use Utility
    Application starts with basic accounting functionalities and easily navigates from one module to another module with highly interactive user interface.

  • Powerful and Flexible Utility
    Software maintains multiple accounting records with financial year and supports flexible date format and voucher number system.

  • Multiple Form Visibility
    Provide facility to view multiple forms at a time for easy analysis.

  • Multiple Currency Creation with Fixed and Floating Point
    User can create Company currency (including symbol and sub currency) with decimal places like 0, 1, 2 and 3.

  • Multiple Unit Creation
    Provide facility to create multiple units with unit type like Single or Compound unit.

  • Multiple Tax Support
    Software supports multiple tax accounts (like Sale Tax, Service Tax etc) with various Tax Account Nature, Tax Type (as Additive or Subtractive) and Tax Class (as Fix Amount or Percentage).

  • Filter Records Facility
    Provide facility to view (or filter) the transaction records by Voucher number wise, Item code wise, Date wise, Customer wise and Amount wise.

  • MIS Reports
    Generate various types of MIS Reports (including Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Report, Account Report, Stock Report, Sale Report, Purchase Report and Production Report) and user can view these reports in different schedules like date wise or Month wise.

  • Export Data in Different Formats
    Software facilitates to export the print reports in different formats like PDF or Excel.

  • Multiple Users Settings
    Facilitate to create, modify and delete multi user accounts including Administrator, Power user and General User.

  • User Rights and Permission Settings
    Administrator can provide user rights and software modules access permission to Power user and General user. Power user can provide the user rights and permission to General user.

  • Data Connectivity
    With this data connectivity feature, you can fetch the data by browsing the database path with User code and Password.

  • Date Administration Settings
    Software facilitates with date administration setting to freeze or unfreeze the selected date for extensive data security.

  • Backup and Restore
    Software provides facility to take the backup of Company records and restore the data according to need.

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Why DRPU Software?
What is Financial Accounting?
Why Financial Accounting Software?
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