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Financial accounting and inventory management software frequently asked question and Troubleshooting

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General Information

Q: Why should I consider DRPU Financial Accounting Software?

A: DRPU Financial Accounting Software integrates all of your major business accounting process to manage your computerized business accounting system in systematic manner. Software is fully capable to generate various accounting reports to evaluate total financial transaction of the company in a year and you can easily maintain your accounting records (bookkeeping) quickly and affordably.

Q: What makes DRPU Financial Accounting Software better?

A: DRPU Financial Accounting Software facilitates with best accounting features which make it better.

  • Easily manages the accounting records.
  • Quickly access existing company records.
  • Track total business expenses and income details.
  • Flexible and accurately generate accounting reports.
  • Capable to make economic decisions for enhancing the business productivity.
  • Account security to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • Affordable, powerful and easy to learn.


Product Troubleshooting

Q: How can I view another company record while working with existing company records?

A: You can easily view another company record by using shortcut icon of Open Company but you need to exit from the current company record to view another company records.

Q: Once I have created accounting records. How can I modify?

A: After creating the accounting records, you can modify these records by using Edit button and can save the modified records in easiest way.

Q: How can I analyze total sales and purchased products information of the Company?

A: You can easily analysis the total sales and purchased product information by maintaining the records of sales/purchase register entry.

Q: How can I evaluate total financial transaction of the company?

A: Software provides facility to generate various business accounting records (such as balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss report, day book, cash book, bank book, production report etc) to evaluate total financial transaction of the company.

Q: Can I export the generated accounting reports in another format?

A: Software provides facility to export the accounting reports in various format (such as excel and pdf) as per your need.

Q: How software is helpful to prevent from unauthorized data access?

A: Our accounting software is password protected to prevent from unauthorized users to change software settings. If you want to open or delete any existing company records, you should need to enter the company user name and password for further process.

Q: Can I take backup and restore the data to work with software efficiently?

A: You can easily backup and restore the data by using backup and restore option for ensuring the security of data even if data may be corrupted or lost.

Q: How can I make the data of accounting report non-modifiable?

A: For making data non-modifiable, you should need to freeze the date. For more details, Click Settings>Administrator Settings>Freeze Date option in the accounting software.

Q: I have restored the data of previous company but unable to login and message promts as "invalid user code and password". Why?

A: Select the company where you restore the data and login with User Code & Password of restore company.

Q: Incase of client to client data connectivity, I am unable to connect database through data connectivity. Why?

A: If the company is already open, you have to close the open company first for data connectivity.


Trial and Support

Q: How the trial version of the accounting software is different from full version?

A: Trial version has full software functionality but it is only for 30 days. After completing 30 days, you can not access the software. For accessing the software, you need to buy full software version for further process.

Q: If the software trial period expires, will I lose my data?

A: If the software trial period expires, data will not be lost but you cannot access the records until using the full software version.

Q: How do I activate Accounting software?

A: After installing the software, you must have to enter the key code which is provided with the purchase of accounting software. Once you enter the key code, software will run on your computer system.

Q: Is Financial Accounting software easy to install?

A: Financial Accounting Software is easy to install and you do not need any technical training to operate it. The startup wizard will help you to create your company records and provides facility to maintain business transactions quickly. The familiar and intuitive interface makes the accounting software easy to learn and use.

Q: How many simultaneous users does Accounting software support?

A: Accounting software is designed only for a single user at a time on your Desktop computer.

Q: Where should I go for technical support or if I need the assistance with the product?

A: Our higher level support team will be available for you to solve queries and provide more information related to product.

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