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Fully effective and easy to use setup package creator utility generate a compact setup package

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Steps involved in creating setup for Windows application-

DRPU Setup package creator utility is an easy to use and simple software distribution and deployment utility that effectively creates a compact setup of your Windows application in easiest way.

Our popular setup builder software comprises of following sections mentioned below:

  • Install
  • Uninstall
  • New Project


Install section facilitates user with following options-

  • General
  • Files
  • Dialogs
  • Shortcuts
  • Registry
  • Save Log
  • Create


This section facilitates users to provide the general information of windows application for which setup package is to be created.

Click on the General Button on Install menu, following General Information screen will be appeared:

General Information

Above screen consists of the following fields:

Product Name: Lets user specify product name that will be displayed on the Setup wizard screen

Version: Specify product version for software setup

Company Name: Specify the Company name

Title Text: Specify the title for setup installation window

Note-> You can browse the list of different variables from here.

Copyright Text: Mention the copyright text to be displayed in setup dialog box

Note-> You can browse the list of different variables from here

Save Install as: Provide name for installation file and save it at chosen storage location.

The General Information window includes following buttons:

  • Open: Lets you open saved .ddl files of the installation utility. Also facilitates you to modify saved product information.

  • Exit: Exit immediately from the software window.

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