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MSSQL to MySQL database converter software help guide software documentation and installation guide

About MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter
Why DRPU Software?
What is Database?
What is Database Conversion?
Need of Database Conversion Software

Software Installation Guide
System Requirements
Installation Instructions
Uninstallation Instructions

Software Version Information
Version Details
Demo and Full Software Version

Describing the Software
MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter
Software Features
How to Activate your Product Copy?

Working with Software
Select Source and Destination Database
Database Conversion Process

License and Ordering
How to Order the Product?
License Agreement

FAQ and Troubleshooting
General Queries
Technical Queries
Purchase Queries
Activation Queries

Getting Assistance
Online Help
Technical Support
Contact Information

Quick Reference

Welcome to MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Software Help Guide

The user guide lets you find the information about MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Software. The information presented in the guidebook is accessible to everyone who works under Windows operating system. This highly interactive and user friendly software knowledgebase consists all relevant information about MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Program which is helpful to end users.

How to Use This Documentation?

The documentation covers the information which you must read carefully before using MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Software. The online help guide provides the full information regarding software functionality and features with added advantage of screenshots which helps in step by step database conversion process.

We suggest you to read the user help guide carefully for better understanding software features and capabilities.

Software documentation contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
    DRPU Software offers one of the best and reliable MSSQL to MySQL database converter utility. This section covers about database converter software, why DRPU Software, description of database and database conversion process along with the need of database converter software.

  • Installation Guide
    This section defines the minimum system requirements to run the software on your computer system and also provides software installation and Uninstallation procedure.

  • Software Version Information
    This section provides the detail software version information and differentiates between demo and full version of MSSQL to MySQL database converter software.

  • Describing the Software
    This section describes the software functionality with available key features. By using this section, you can get the information about product activation process after purchasing licensed software.

  • Working with Software
    In this section, you get familiarized with step by step procedure of MSSQL to MySQL database conversion utility i.e. selecting source and destination database along with database conversion process.

  • License and Ordering
    This section covers How to order the product full version and software legal information.

  • FAQ and Troubleshooting
    This section covers the software troubleshooting problems including General queries and Technical queries experienced by the user, and also cover the Purchase and Activation queries of the software.

  • Getting Assistance
    This section provides the detailed information including Online Help, Technical Support and Contact Information for any further assistance.

  • Quick Reference
    This section covers the basic software terminology by visiting Glossary section for enhancing your technical knowledge.

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