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Barcode image generator software crate bulk barcode label in random and sequential barcode series

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How to Create Bulk Barcode Labels

Barcode Label Maker Software lets you generate barcode labels in bulk using following series:

  1. Generate Random Series
  2. Generate Sequential Series

Generate Random Series

You can easily generate random series of barcode labels in just few steps:

Specify the number of labels to generate the random barcode series as shown in the following figure:

1. Once you select “Generate Random Series” option, following screen appears:

  • State the “Number of Labels” to generate the random barcode series.

Generate Random Series

Generate Sequential Series

You can generate the sequential series of Barcode labels in just few easy steps:

  • Specify the “Start Point” and “End Point” to generate sequential series as shown in the figure below:

1. On clicking “Generate Sequential Series” option following screen appears:

Generate Sequential Series

Note: Just check the Hide Value and Hide Caption check box to generate barcode without specifying value and caption.

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